Best Foods to Gain weight quickly and safely

While there are many people struggling to lose weight, gaining weight can also be difficult for some. All the food that helps us to gain weight are very common, but not everyone has appropriate knowledge about it. In this article we will go through some top food items that can help if you want to gain weight. Keep on reading the article to know more about them.


Milk is known as ‘whole food’ for a reason. It contains some main nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. Along with the essential vitamins, it also has casein and whey protein in it. While many people purchase them, milk can be a very good natural option. One of the best ways to consume milk is to make a smoothie or shake out of it. Milk smoothie or shake that contains bananas, chocolates, etc can be a very good source for increasing muscle mass.


Nuts are a great source of healthy nutrients and contain fats and healthy oils in great amount. All you need to do is grab a handful of nuts and munch upon them. Another way of consuming nuts is by adding them to your recipes such as smoothies or shakes.


When talking about meat, red meat specifically is very good for increasing weight. Amount of protein and fat in it helps to gain muscle mass rapidly. Other than that it also contains essential amino acids such as leucine which helps to boost the muscle mass production.


Food items that are rich in starch are the best way to increase muscle mass. Potatoes being rich in starch and a versatile food item increase the muscle glycogen level. This glycogen is basically the fat or the energy stored in the body which in excess amount build up your weight. Try adding potatoes and other starch rich food in your diet to increase weight.


Being rich in rich amino acids, fishes are also a very good source of fats and protein. Salmon is considered one of the best foods which contains Omega 3 fatty acids which serves numerous health benefits.


A healthy plant based alternative, avocados are rich in healthy fats and essential nutrients. It’s amazing to know that a single avocado of appropriate size can provide you 322 calories on its own. Along with it also has several beneficial compounds such as vitamins and minerals.



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